Plantago major - faithful companion of man and his assistant

Plantago major - faithful companion of man and his assistant

Plantago major - Plantago major L. Plantain got its name from the fact that grows mainly on roads and paths.

This property due to the fact that the plant is propagated by seeds, which are transferred to a new place for pedestrians, cars and animals. Very fond of plantain growing near dwellings, the gardens, gardening and often comes to the rescue. Small cuts can be imposed on the wound and the bleeding stops.

Plantain helps with abrasions and minor skin suppuration. Dusty plantain leaves must-wash and a little rub in your hands.

Ingredients: alkaloids, flavonoids, vitamin C and K, organic acids, tannins, glycoside aukubin, bitterness, mucus, tannins, sorbitol, citric acid and oleanovaya, carotene.

Indications: The juice of plantain leaves and possess strong antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, krovostanavlivayuschim and expectorant properties, enhances the secretion of gastric juice, effective from streptococcal stafilokkokov, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, are used to treat periodontitis, venous ulcers, gingivitis, stomatitis, pulpitis, gingivitis, peptic stomach and duodenum, bronchitis, catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, lung diseases, gastritis, chronic colitis, acute gastro-intestinal diseases, bruises, wounds, ulcers, abscesses.

Use: Decoction of leaf plantain: 2 tablespoons of dried leaves pour a glass of hot boiled water, heated on a couple of 30 minutes. Administered orally for 1 tablespoon 15 minutes before meals 3 - 4 times a day.

Also used infusions, fresh pounded leaves and fresh juice of the plant. Plantain leaves can crush and grind (no metal!) And apply to wounds or abrasions, inflamed skin on, festering wounds or acne. Plantain, especially freshly svezherasterty and has a very powerful anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action, including antibiotic-resistant forms of bacteria. In complex and difficult cases plantain leaves must be replaced with fresh every 30-40 minutes.

Collect: Collect leaves for harvesting and drying of plantain during the summer. Workpiece can not collect the plantain leaves in the settlements and along roads to drive cars. It is one thing - to make a small wound freshly leaf, the other - harvesting the winter or the use of the vast areas of the skin.

Historical note: Plantain has long been known as a drug. Arab and Persian physicians used it yet in the X century and is very appreciated. Ancient Greek and Roman Medicine recommended that the seeds of the plantain in dysentery.

The content of useful substances: plantain leaves contain a glycoside aukubin, saponins, organic acids, carotene, vitamins C and K, and the bitter tannins, a small amount of alkaloids, volatile. In seeds of a lot of mucus (44%), protein substances and fatty oil.

Application: Used part of plant: seeds, leaves, roots. Plantain - a popular remedy in folk medicine in many countries in Europe and Asia. Established that it has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, analgesic, wound healing, blood-and expectorant action, enhances the secretory activity of the stomach.

As before, and now folk healers use plantain for bruises, cuts, boils, inflamed skin, insect bites, burns. In addition, it is an old folk remedy is ingested orally for respiratory diseases.

Psyllium seeds are recommended as an anti-intestinal diseases such as enveloping gastric ulcer, for soothing pain.

Fresh plantain leaves and cooked in them juices, extracts, tinctures have a wound healing effect. Under the action of extracts, juices Plants is a faster clearance of the wound surface, stop inflammation. Juice from fresh leaves of plantain is used for primary treatment of industrial and household injuries, for treatment of long-term nonhealing ulcers, boils, phlegmon. Aqueous preparations of leaves have a regulatory effect of both elevated and at a reduced secretion of the stomach. Plantain leaf juice is recommended for the treatment of patients with chronic whooping cough, acute gastro-intestinal diseases such as gastritis, enteritis, enterocolitis.

From the leaves of the plantain is produced by rubbing smooth. Apply it as a mask for oily skin with acne.